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How I Got Started in the Gig Economy

The gig economy wasn't a thing when I started making money online. The technology wasn't what we have today and connecting to the internet was on dial up, but things kept getting better. The first gig that I made money  with was web design. In those days everyone wanted a web site and to be present on the internet. Which was a good thing for me. There was plenty of opportunity to make some extra money with my spare time. The web design gig lasted a few years, but I need to move on as more people started offering web design services. The internet offered a way to make money by selling goods to people all over the world. The difference from my web design work was that I needed actual products to sell. The first items I sold online were through eBay. At a time when digital cameras were pretty expensive and picture quality was poor I knew I needed one. The money I made from my web design business I invested in a affordable digital camera. This allowed me to take pictures of the g