I Work from Home and Love It

Working from home is new to some, and it might feel strange at first. When I started working from home many years ago there were a few things I missed. The routine of getting up in the morning and going somewhere. The quick stop at Starbucks for my morning coffee. The early morning chats with my co-workers and catching up on office gossip. The little everyday things at the office did not appear that important until I started working from home. At first I was a little lonely and it took some time to get used to the idea that I was working by myself. With no one looking over my shoulder it was easy to get distracted by other things around the house. You lose focus quickly with so many distraction at home. It took me a few months to find my groove and make it work. I set a few rules and structured my day as I would at the office. My work area got a redo, and I made sure not to have any distractions around my work area. The internet radio stream with some chill music was fine, but I

Stay Motivated

In these difficult times stay motivated stay positive.

Covid-19 Working From Home

There are some benefits from being part of the gig economy. Many of us that were working from home might survive this. It's our fellow gig workers that actually need to be in contact with people in person that might be at a disadvantage. If you are part of the gig economy that has been impacted by Covid-19, there will be some new post on resources to help you find some gigs from home that can generate some income. There are still opportunities to provide gigs on sites like Fiverr or other online job portals. If you have skills that can adapt to these online sites I would encourage you to start promoting your skills on these portals. If you visit our YouTube channel there are plenty of videos that can help you get some ideas. Through the blog and our YouTube channel will provide as much information as possible on what options you might have through these difficult time. Link to our YouTube Channel Digital Gigger: Stay tuned for more updates

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How to start a Shopify store from scratch and make sure it doesn't fail

Let's go over some strategies that will help you get the most out of your Shopify store. This post is aimed at those who are just getting started with Shopify. Let's start with the bad news most ecommerce sites fail within the first 120 days. Now that seems bad, but you have control of how your Shop performs. It all stars around the product or products you would like to sell through your store. This is the most crucial stage of planning a store. I suggest that you try the sprocket platform to find products you can drop ship. Check out this link Sprocet has thousands of products to you pick from. You can get started for free without a credit card. The product is how you will be making money from your store. You want to ensure that you have done as much market research as possible. You want know who to target your products too, and who is your competition. Once you have settled on a product you believe fits a niche it

How I Got Started in the Gig Economy

The gig economy wasn't a thing when I started making money online. The technology wasn't what we have today and connecting to the internet was on dial up, but things kept getting better. The first gig that I made money  with was web design. In those days everyone wanted a web site and to be present on the internet. Which was a good thing for me. There was plenty of opportunity to make some extra money with my spare time. The web design gig lasted a few years, but I need to move on as more people started offering web design services. The internet offered a way to make money by selling goods to people all over the world. The difference from my web design work was that I needed actual products to sell. The first items I sold online were through eBay. At a time when digital cameras were pretty expensive and picture quality was poor I knew I needed one. The money I made from my web design business I invested in a affordable digital camera. This allowed me to take pictures of the g