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How to start a Shopify store from scratch and make sure it doesn't fail

Let's go over some strategies that will help you get the most out of your Shopify store. This post is aimed at those who are just getting started with Shopify. Let's start with the bad news most ecommerce sites fail within the first 120 days. Now that seems bad, but you have control of how your Shop performs. It all stars around the product or products you would like to sell through your store. This is the most crucial stage of planning a store. I suggest that you try the sprocket platform to find products you can drop ship. Check out this link Sprocet has thousands of products to you pick from. You can get started for free without a credit card. The product is how you will be making money from your store. You want to ensure that you have done as much market research as possible. You want know who to target your products too, and who is your competition. Once you have settled on a product you believe fits a niche it