7 Essential Apps to Build a Business for Little or No Cost

How I Got Started in the Gig Economy

The gig economy wasn't a thing when I started making money online. The technology wasn't what we have today and connecting to the internet was on dial up, but things kept getting better. The first gig that I made money  with was web design. In those days everyone wanted a web site and to be present on the internet. Which was a good thing for me. There was plenty of opportunity to make some extra money with my spare time. The web design gig lasted a few years, but I need to move on as more people started offering web design services. The internet offered a way to make money by selling goods to people all over the world. The difference from my web design work was that I needed actual products to sell.

The first items I sold online were through eBay. At a time when digital cameras were pretty expensive and picture quality was poor I knew I needed one. The money I made from my web design business I invested in a affordable digital camera. This allowed me to take pictures of the goods I was selling and to make more money on eBay. At the same time I also started an online store, but eBay was where a bulk of my sales were coming from.

I learned some pretty important skills from my first few ventures online. Learning how to design a web sites gave me the confidence to build my own online store. Learning how to take picture of products for my online store and eBay provide me with photo editing skills.

All these years later and I realized that those skills carried on into the current gig economy and social media marketing that has set me free from the 9 - 5 grind. The importance of the skills I learned while playing around with these part time businesses set the foundation to work full time in the gig economy.

If you are looking to make a living through the gig economy keep learning new skills. Keep trying new things. You will get there just keep going.